Sylo is a project that I initiated and lead at Prague College as Digital Platforms Coordinator. The goal of the project was to create a platform that would allow students to submit their work online for grading and archiving. When we started the project, student work was submitted on CD to the receptionist, accompanied by a form identifying the work. This required the time and coordination of an operations employee in order to make sure the work got to the correct student. Teachers would often misplace the form, leaving CDs unable to be visually identified. A mess.

Together with program leaders I gathered all the requirements for the project, and designed UX of the system. I worked from the UX to design a REST API which powers an Angular app on the frontend. The backend is Node js with Express and MongoDB. I planned, designed, and built the entire project.
Students login with their existing school email account. Once logged in they may select a assignment that they wish to submit some files for. 
Once they have selected an assignment they can drag some files into the window, and submit them for their teacher to review.
When a teacher logs in, they see a more detailed view.
Administrators have a high level overview of the entire school.
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