Every Project is Unique
While we believe that good process yields good results, we don't believe in a one-size-fits all approach. Before we start a project, we always have a face-to-face meeting with our client in order to better understand the unique challenges and opportunities that exist in their work. 
Our experience extends back more than a decade, and over that time we have worked on projects of all sizes in numerous industries. If one thing remains the same, it's that our clients trust us to deliver on their design needs.
Our Process

We deliver a repeatable process for all our branding projects which we believe delivers maximum value with a minimum of surprise. Each project is slightly different, but this is the basis for our work.

It goes something like this.

1) Initial Briefing Meeting 
We spend about an hour discussing your needs, the state of your project, and your expectations and scope for the project. 

2) Project Plan and Cost Proposal 
We try to never ever surprise a client with unanticipated project costs. After our scoping meeting, we create a project time-line with costs laid out per phase. Everything is itemized, and this gives our clients a chance to make a budgeting plan based on reality.

3) Creative Kickoff 
Once the price and timeline is agreed, we start with a round of creative exploration. We do visual research in your market, and generate a range of creative directions. These are presented in sketch-form, and a discussion is had to assess your feeling about each direction. A round of revisions is possible here is one of the presented directions doesn't hit the mark.

4) Design Finalization 
Once we all agree on a direction, we will work to refine and flesh out the chosen concept. This means applying the design to the items that you require, such as business cards, a website landing page, or a presentation template. 

5) Production
A production stage is required for most items, whether that be creating press-ready documents for print, or coding a website. Depending on the scope this might be broken into smaller pieces with individual timelines. 

6) Continuing Contact
A successful branding project doesn't end when the website is launched of the business cards are printed. We keep in contact with our clients for ongoing support to keep their brands fresh and alive. 

Your feedback is incorporated at every step along the way, and all work is tailored your specific needs.
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