For Národní pedagogické muzeum in Prague we created a visual concept and design for the exhibition 'Pravěk, k tabuli!' (Prehistoric man to the blackboard!). The exhibition presents the story of teaching our oldest history. It's aimed at elementary students and their teachers. We had an opportunity to execute the concept across a broad scope of promotional and exhibition materials.

Exhibition Logo

Promotional items

Subway Poster

Photo: Petr Šolar (NPMK)

Transparent foil on the entrance door and roll up, photo: Petr Šolar (NPMK)

Photo: Petr Šolar (NPMK)

Self-supporting and information panel,  photo: Petr Šolar (NPMK)

Navigation board,  photo: Petr Šolar (NPMK)

Photo: Petr Šolar (NPMK)

Photo: Petr Šolar (NPMK)

Panels  in a display case

Transparent foil on the window, photo: Petr Šolar (NPMK)

Photo: Petr Šolar (NPMK)

Mood panel by the Cave replica, photo: Petr Šolar (NPMK)

Exhibition production – Captions printing

Exhibition production – Printing Information panels

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