The modern history of the Czechoslovak state has not been created by armies. During the First World War, it was voluntary regiments of Czechoslovak Legions that fought for the idea of an independent republic. Countless resistance groups and individuals fought back against the Nazi occupation. The dreariness of normalization was opposed not only by dissidents but also by a multitude of anonymous “foot soldiers”. Looking at the Czechoslovak history from afar, we see huge milestones, significant events, a number of important figures from the world of politics, military affairs, science and art. If we take a closer look, we see a story that evolves from a sum of smaller moments through which ordinary people are those who act. The story evolves from those everyday decisions that make up the difference between narrow-mindedness and courage - between the tried and tested certainty and the step into the unknown. He who desires freedom must show fortitude. This fortitude is the force behind breakthrough creative work and grandiose entrepreneurial plans. Thanks to this fortitude, women’s emancipation has succeeded and the single-party government has ended. However, the fight for our country’s future continues. At each moment, as we decide between small-mindedness and courage, we assemble a picture of future Czech society. Each of us. e
photos Josef Horázný, Fotobanka ČTK, text Olga Pohl
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