Trees: the paintings of Eva Nádvorníková

By Marketa

Just around our corner in the Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry in Prague 6 is a great exhibition of Eva Nádvorníková.
This unusual space (Makráč), known in past as an underground space for politically uncomfortable artists, still offers its walls to a new wave of art dissidents – painters.
It seems this classic discipline is pushed away from the center of Prague by conceptual art which is sometimes hard to even interpret.
Makráč could seem far but if you jump in trams 18 or 1 at Hradčanská you are there in 10 min.

Eva e xhibits a series of paintings based on a trees. 
She finds her energy, compositions and colors right there, inside the trees, in the rhythm of the branches and in the space between them.
You feel tension dripping from the paintings.They are dramatic, restless and some of them quite romantic. I like the zoomed in ones the most. You are soused in the crown of the tree, the branches are disappearing, transforming into lines and wanes.


Eva’s art is approachable for a lot of people, I believe there is a such a rich ‘vocabulary’ used in which everybody will find their words.
I fell in love with her most recent orange painting. Energy radiates from the canvas.
I would love to have this one in my own studio, to get boosted every day!

Eva, do you know the price of this painting already? :-)

Till when: The exhibition lasts till the end of October
Where: Ústav makromolekulární chemie AV ČR, Heyrovského nám.2, Praha 6 – Břevnov,
Artists website:


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Eva Nádvorníková

  on  10-14-2010

Thank you,

yes I know the price of the painting and you know it too by now.

Get boosted!!!

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      on  12-18-2010

    It looks so nice in our studio! :) An ecological way to fight the winter blues!

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